About “Research Origin for Dressed Photon (RODreP) ”

In April 2017, a unique organization named Research Origin for Dressed Photon (RODreP) was founded as a General Incorporated Association. Motoichi OHTSU (Professor Emeritus at the University Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology), the pioneer of dressed photon science and technology, serves as a representative director. Four directors, an auditor, and two advisors support him.

The advent of novel type of light  has been eagerly expected for achieving future progress in optical science and technology. An example of such novel light is the dressed photon (DP), which was discovered recently and is acting as a standard-bearer in advanced optical science and technology. Until now, the DP has already been applied to realize generic technologies, including optical sensing, materials processing, lithography, device fabrication/operation, information processing/security/storage, and energy conversion.

To make further progress in applications, more advanced studies on the origin of the DP are required. In order to meet this requirement, RODreP is carrying out  the following projects.

(1) Theoretical studies on the DP: To establish a quantum picture of the DP in a nanometric space, basic theoretical studies are being carried out  by advancing the theories of quantum field theory, micro–macro duality, and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. These studies are being carried out  by the leading scientists belonging to RODreP, as well as visiting scientists from external research institutes and universities.

(2) Supporting young scientists’ research: Granting subsidies to young scientists for supporting their theoretical research work on the DP.

(3) Enlightenment and publicity: Enlightening and outreach through tutorial seminars and public lectures on the DP. Furthermore, the most recent research results of RODreP will be made open  to the public.

(4) Technology transfer: Technical guidance and consulting for transferring DP technology to industry.

By referring to projects (1) and (2) above, one may easily notice that RODreP is a new type of research institute founded to promote basic theoretical research. Through these projects, RODreP has an intense desire to become a thinking reed (un roseau pensant) and an aware reed (un roseau connaissant) with respect to the DP.

The executive office of RODreP is located in the University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Nichia Corporation has kindly offered a research base in Yokohama, Kanagawa. We deeply appreciate your kind understanding, support, and participation in the activities of RODreP.

Motoichi OHTSU, Dr. Eng.,

Representative Director

Research Origin for Dressed Photon

(General Incorporated Association)

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