Basic mathematical researches aiming at better understanding of dressed photons and related technology

日時: 2018年 7th, March(wed.)12:50 ~ 8th,  March(木)16:15
場所: 〒819-0395 福岡市西区元岡744 九州大学 伊都キャンパス
ウエスト1号館 D棟4階 IMIコンファレンスルーム(WI-D-414)
主催: 九州大学IMI
協賛: (一社)ドレスト光子研究起点

7th, March

12:50 ~ 13:00
Opening remarks by H. Sakuma (RODreP):佐久間弘文(ドレスト光子研究起点)

13:00 ~ 13:45
Keynote talk [I] by M. Ohtsu (Univ. Tokyo & RODreP):大津元一(東京大学、ドレスト光子研究起点)
Dressed photon: Its generic applications and expectation to novel theoretical studies

13:45 ~ 14:30
Oral presentation by N. Tate (Kyushu Univ.):竪直也(九州大学)
Application of dressed photons to high-efficiency wavelength conversion

14:30 ~ 15:15
Oral presentation by H. Sakuma (RODreP):佐久間弘文(ドレスト光子研究起点)
Tentative attempt on forming a physical picture of Clebsch dual field as a model of dressed photons

15:15 ~ 15:45 休憩

15:45 ~ 16:30
Oral presentation by A. Ishikawa (Univ. Yamanashi):石川陽(山梨大学)
Nonequilibrium quantum nanodynamics by the interplay of photons, excitons, and phonons

16:30 ~ 17:15
Oral presentation by I. Banno (Univ. Yamanashi):坂野斎(山梨大学)
Response theory as a basis for dressed photon: Non-linear susceptibility operators and electromagnetic potential under a non-resonant condition

17:15 ~ 18:00
Oral presentation by S. Sangu (Rico Corp.):三宮俊(株式会社リコー)
Behavior of dressed photons as high-excited states (Numerical simulation analysis)

8th, Marth

10:00 ~ 10:45
Oral presentation by Y. Fukumoto* & T. Thai (Kyushu Univ.):福本康秀、金良兵(九州大学
Friction induced instability of a shallow-water flow and over-reflection of waves

10:45 ~ 11:30Oral presentation by M. Yamamoto (Univ. Tokyo):山本昌宏(東京大学)
Inverse problems in optical transports related to radiative transport equation

11:30 ~ 12:15
Oral presentation by T. Yabuki (Rakuno Gakuen Univ.):矢吹哲夫(酪農学園大学)
Finite-size corrections to the excitation energy transfer(EET)in a massless scalar interaction model

12:15 ~ 13:30  昼休み

13:30 ~ 14:15
Keynote talk [II] by I. Ojima (RODreP):小嶋泉(ドレスト光子研究起点)
Paradox in emergences from Micro to Macro

14:15 ~ 15:00
Oral presentation by H. Ochiai (Kyushu Univ.):落合啓之(九州大学)
An overview on Deligne exceptional series
Deligne の例外系列の紹介

15:00 ~ 15:45
Oral presentation by K. Okamura (Nagoya Univ.):岡村和弥(名古屋大学)
Modeling dressed photons via measurement theory

15:45 ~ (16:15)
Wrap up discussions